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Moving Along

Moving along is a collection of abstract silkscreens. They are expressions of hopes and fears, doubt, struggle and the range of emotions that concerns this artist


Norah has always made collages.Inspired by her love of Matisse's cut-outs. These are made from mixed print media and  paste papers and paint. Synthesis solo exhibition brings these collages together for the first time.

Imagined Lanscapes 



This body of work produced in 2012/13 is drawn as the name suggests, from the imagination and is, on the surface, light hearted and whimsical. Colour is an important consideration in her work and these images show that to full effect.

Abstracted Memories


Abstracted Memories 2011 is a body of work which comprises, for the main part screen printed works but includes relief printed collages and monoprinting techniques.These images have evolved from memories of emotion and feelings of time, place and events. Some are half forgotten/ remembered. Seen through the fog of time and influenced by the present




Norah's paintings are both a source of inspiration for and a result of her Printmaking.  Colour again is paramount, 

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